Otterbox Announces 4 Screen Protectors For iPhone And iPad

Otterbox is known for making really durable iPhone cases that are designed to survive all kinds of calamities. Now Otterbox is taking the next logical step: screen protectors for the iPhone and iPad.

The company has unveiled four different screen protectors, and each one has its own distinct appeal.

Otterbox’s new “Clearly Protected” lineup is made of premium materials in the United States. Unlike other screen protectors, these all use a 100% dry application process. There’s also anti-air bubble technology in the protector’s film to keep you from having to laboriously comb over every corner with a credit card.

The first screen protector Otterbox offers is called “Clean” with a “matte, high strength, self-healing polyurethane material” that “reduces glare, fingerprints, and smudges.” Clean is only available for the iPhone 5 and 10-inch iPad.

Otterbox’s ‘Privacy’ protector puts the iPhone in stealth mode.

The second option is called “Vibrant,” and it’s basically the matte display with a more crisp look that focuses on preserving display sharpness. This screen protector is also available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPad mini.

“Privacy” is made for secret agents and those struggling with paranoia. A quadlaminar polyester material totally hides your screen activity on all four sides unless you’re facing your screen head on. You can only use Privacy on the iPhone 5 and 10-inch iPad.

The last option is called “360,” and it does just what the name implies. A protective, transparent, polyurethane material encloses your entire device, including the screen. This protector is only available for the iPhone.

All of these screen protectors range in price from around $20-$30. If you’re in the market for a little added protection, then you should definitely consider Otterbox’s stuff.

Data source: via Cult of Mac (By Alex Heath)

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