Thursday, May 9, 2013

Small Piece Of The iPhone 5S Motherboard Leaks To The Web

Another potential component for the iPhone 5S has popped up, a small section of circuitboard that seemingly governs the upcoming iPhone’s rear camera.

Doing some nice sleuthing, Steve over at found images of the above component on a Japanese retailer’s website being floated as an iPhone 5S component.

Obviously, it’s just a small piece, and very hard to identify, but if you compare the component in the image above with the iPhone 5 circuitboard, it seems that this component would be placed in such a way as to connect to the iPhone 5’s front and rear cameras.

Components related to the iPhone’s camera tend to leak earlier than other components, so it’s possible this is a genuine iPhone 5S part, but there’ll be no real telling until Apple releases their next iPhone, and iFixIt tears it apart.

Data source: via Cult of Mac (By John Brownlee
Origine source:

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