Accurate Laser Measurement Gadget Right On Your iPhone (Video)

Usually when combined the laser with iPhone that mean mostly the matter related with entertainment (Like this), but this time the issue is bigger than that 

It's a tool called Spick designed by ikeGPS, which can be used by several users, such architects, engineers, interior designers, or film set locator...  

It's designed for anyone who needs to measure, map or model their outside world.  

Spike builds on the company's established GIS (geographic information systems) tools, which were used by the UN in the wake of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and other places and occasions.

Get instant access to 16.000 plans with step-by-step blueprints and instructions...  

The Spike is version of their solution that attaches to the back of a smartphone and integrates directly with software on those devices to make it possible to measure objects and structures accurately from up to 600 feet away, just by taking a picture with your iPhone.
Spike (Smart Phone ike!) is a laser based device that attaches to your phone to ensure that you can rapidly & accurately measure & model an object up to 200 yards (600 feet) away just by taking a snapshot of it.

Spike integrates your smartphone's current technology with some specialized features of its own. It amalgamates a digital camera, a 3d compass, a laser range finder and GPS. It fits neatly into your pocket yet is robust enough to use every day.
Spike's laser accurate measurement capability will revolutionize remote measurement, 3D modeling of your world, and make your Augmented Reality experiences real. Not just by making them more accurate, but by empowering you to develop and experience them right there on your smartphone! Spike's core functionality enables you to: 

The Spike will play happily with iOS and Android hardware, and the company will allow developers and hackers access to an API (application programming interface), enabling the embedding of specialist ikeTools into applications in anticipation of augmented reality and location based services apps.

Spike is scheduled to ship in May next year, can be pre-ordered via IkeGPS's website for US$559.
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