Monday, April 28, 2014

iOS 8 Concept Video Features Siri with Shazam iWatch-Synced Healthbook App and More

A concept video of what iOS 8 would like in iPhone 6 has been created and published by TechRader. The video shows iPhone 6 mockup with an edge-to-edge display and no discernible Touch ID home button.

The two-minute long concept video, that resemble Apple's product video in the presentation style and background audio, shows iOS 8 in action, with a redesigned Notification Center, that allow you to swipe between a "Today" view, a calendar view and a messages view.

Depending on the recent rumors, the concept shows Healthbook app in motion, that syncs with the iWatch. It also shows Siri’s integration with Shazam for song identification, where you can simply ask Siri “What song is this”, and an even better version of Apple's new CarPlay feature.


iOS 8 is expected to come with new features and improvements such as a Healthbook app, that is said to be a central location for all your health and fitness data, some major improvements to the Maps app like the offering transit directions, all-new Preview and TextEdit apps to make it easier to access documents in iCloud, standalone app for iTunes Radio, and user-interface refinements such as the simplification of Notification Center and a new Tips app.

Data source: TechRadar via MacRumors

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