A Comprehensive List of iOS 8 Hidden Features and Changes and how Can Be Accessed

Apple announced iOS 8 at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on June 2, after a set of beta versions oriented to developers, the public release was on September 17. The new operating system described "the biggest iOS release ever" which includes a range of new features and improvements, like Health app, Family Sharing, Continuity, QuickType.

We had talked on these major updates, Apple created a special page for those new features along with iOS 8 announcement, while now we'll know changes and hide features that have not been addressed.

Photos App
Photos App in iOS 8

Photos app has known a number of improvements, like iCloud Photo Library, smart adjustments. in addition to that, the Photos app in iOS 8 has also received some organizational options, now there are several new albums like Bursts photos, Slo-Mo videos, and Favorite photos that will make browsing of those albums' contents very easy.

Favorite photo: iOS 8 makes it very easy to select your favorite photos, so you can easily access them later, that just by taping on a heart symbol at the bottom of an individual photo. Special access of these photos will be through Favorite album.

Recover deleted photos: iOS 8 has also brought two other important albums to Photos app; "Recently Added" and "Recently Deleted." The Recently Deleted section gives you the ability to recover the recent deleted photos in case you’ve deleted them accidentally. You will note photos in Recently Deleted albums contains an indicator shows the time remaining to delete a photo permanently. By default 30 days after being marked for deletion. 

Recently Added album contains photos that you have added in recent 30 days, is not as an alternate for Camera Roll album in iOS 7, which contains the photos of all time.  
Location info: Now the Photos app displays the location where a photo was taken above a selected photo, addition to the date and time.

Hide Photos: You can now in iOS 8 to hide images in the Photos app from the Moments, Collections, and Years view, that happen when you hold a finger on a photo, to appear a pop-up, select "Hide" and confirm, will keep it from being visible in those sections, while still visible in the albums view.

Last Updated: Photos received a new notification "Last Updated" lets users to know when images were last synced to iCloud. There's also an iCloud Photo Settings option, you can get it through "iCloud" setting in "Photos" section, the option empower you to store full resolution photos just in iCloud, while keeping device-optimized versions available on the device to save storage space.

Insert your photos in the Notes app

You can now insert the photos that be existing in the Photos app in Notes app.

Messages app in iOS 8

The Talk-to-Text feature: Messages app has also known a several improvement, like “tap-to-talk” feature, which will let you to capture any sound — your voice, a song, or a big laugh — and make it part of the conversation, that by tap and hold on new microphone button to record your message. If you want to hear a message, simply by raising the iPhone to your ear or just tap the Play button, in beta 4 of iOS 8 The Talk-to-Text feature received a nice improvement, that displays spoken text in real time rather than waiting for an entire message to be complete before displaying text. Now there are several improvements and control to group message management, addition to others improvements.

Automatically delete messages: There are also options under the Settings menu to remove stored messages after a set period of time of 30 days, one year or forever, which empowered users who have extensive messages to free up some storage space.

Storing photos and videos: The audio, videos and photos that you add in Messages app in iOS 8, normally they disappear in a short period of time to save space, but in beta 3 Apple added an option to automatically save them.

Quick access to recent photos: If you add an image to a message, there's a new feature that displays recent photos for quick insertion.

Read All: The Messages app in iOS 8 has a new “Read All” option under the Edit feature so you can get rid of notifications without viewing these messages.

Save or delete attachments at once: You can show all photos and attachments that you have been sent in your conversations, that through a new Details menu for contacts within Messages, so you can save or delete all images at once by holding down on a single image to appear with a "More" option which allows multiple attachments to be selected at once and saved or deleted.

Safari in iOS 8

Request Desktop Site: Safari in iOS 8 includes an option "Request Desktop Site" that allowing you to load a desktop style of a website rather than the mobile style.

DuckDuckGo more private search: One of the search engines that is known for its anti-tracking stance, DuckDuckGo, in iOS 8 you can choose it as a default search on Safari.

RSS feeds in Shared Link: Safari also picked up the ability to add RSS feeds to your Shared Links feed. To add a new RSS feed just visit the website in Safari, open up your shared links, go to Subscriptions and tap “Add Current Site.”

App Store ad blocking: The ads that redirecting users to the App Store without user interaction, Safari will now block them.

Private Browsing: Safari now will offer a new introduction screen for Private Browsing. When switching from Private mode, iOS 8 now asks if you want to keep your private tabs.

Safari Bookmarks: The Bookmarks' icon within Safari in iOS 8 has been changed slightly, you can notice that in image below, the new is on the top and the old version is on the bottom.

Safari password sharing: iOS 8 will make it easier to set up and login to apps that trough new APIs, wich empower apps to access passwords stored in Safari, for example, if a user has signed into Gmail in Safari and opted to store a password, that password can then be used to log in to Google's Gmail iOS app with a single tap.

Credit card scanning: Safari in iOS 8 empowers you to utilise the camera to scan in credit card numbers when you make online purchases, rather than manually entering your credit card number.

Camera in iOS 8

Time-Lapse mode: The Camera app in iOS 8 gets a new Time-Lapse mode, which captures a series of images and then compiles them into a time-lapse video. Apple says, this feature will let you capture the experience of the sun setting, a city street bustling, and so on. 

Panoramic mode for iPad: Apple in iOS 8 has extended Panoramic mode in Camera app to include also the iPad.

Separate exposure contol: When you get the focus box, you will also get a manual exposure control, that allowing users to swipe up or down to change the exposure of photos when taking pictures on the iPhone or iPad.

Timer mode: The Camera app finally gets a new timer function for photos, you can set the timer for three or 10 seconds by tapping on the icon at the top of the app.

iCloud in iOS 8

Popup for iCloud Drive: In beta 3 iCloud Drive has recieved a new popup screen, giving users the option to upgrade to iCloud Drive, and shows the privileges that will obtain. iCloud Drive lets users store any type of file, the feature introduced at WWDC.

iCloud Drive Settings: Now there's a special section for iCloud Drive settings forked from iCloud menu, which is accessed from Settings app.

Pause iCloud Photo Library: In iOS 8 beta 4 Apple gives the ability to determine a period of time to pause iCloud Photo Library, that by iCloud section from the Settings app.

New iCloud Drive icon: iCloud Drive, Backup, and Keychain have new icons in the iCloud section of the Settings app.

Wi-Fi Calling

iOS 8 includes an option that will let you to make phone calls over Wi-Fi networks instead of using a Cellular connection, these lead to saving minutes and battery performance would be better. T-Mobile and other carriers already supported iOS 8's Wi-Fi calling feature.

Wi-Fi Calling option: The option that will empower you to enable Wi-Fi Calling, you can get it by Phone section, from the Settings app. The feature requires users to enter an emergency address.

WiFi Calling symbol: there is a WiFi calling indicator for T-Mobile or whatever appears at the top of iPhone screen, when WiFi calling is enabled.

Randomized MAC addresses

Each device connects to the web has a unique MAC address, -iPhones among these devices,- In addition to its technical role many companies and individuals, exploit MAC addresses for their own purposes, such as to track and locate those devices, now iOS devices with iOS 8 will creat the MAC addresses randomly and locally administered, "may not always be the device's real (universal) address.

Siri in iOS 8

Faster voice recognition: Siri in iOS 8 displays what is being spoken on your iPhone or iPad display as it is said, allowing users to get immediate feedback on what the voice assistant is hearing.

Hey, Siri: You can now activate Siri by saying "Hey Siri" while your iOS device is plugged into a power source, allowing you to give hands-free commands.

Identify songs: Siri has the ability to recognize songs via Shazam. If you ask Siri, "What song is playing?", it will cause her to listen to the ambient sound, to identify this song. As you can also purchase those songs in iTunes right from the Siri menu.

iOS 8 golden master don't include Shazam integration in Siri, but it will be returned for the public release according to the GM release notes.

Ask Siri to download apps: You can now ask Siri to download an app from the App Store, it will initiate an App Store search. So far Siri cannot open the App Store.

iBooks in iOS 8

iBooks now built in iOS 8 instead to download it from the App Store, this applies also on Podcasts app. There's also a new automatic night mode in iBooks, and an organization option to group books from a series together.

Apple's Maps in iOS 8

Get transit directions: Mapps app in iOS 8 empowers users to run a search for locations and use either Apple’s own driving and walking directions, or switch directly to another app already installed on your iOS 8 device by a simplified menu. The new user interface gives you quicker access to use transit directions and other options.

Indoor positioning

iOS 8 will include some new Core Location features that allowing venue owners to create indoor positioning systems, this process will mostly depended on the M7 and new M8 processor and iPhone's motion sensors.
In iOS 8, Apple will still be using Cellular, GPS, and WiFi to get you to the venue, but once you’re approaching a location that is enabled for indoor positioning, it will scan over wifi, tap into the device’s sensors like the M7 chip and provide accurate data of exactly where you are and how fast you’re moving through the floor plan.


Health app is a centralized place where many health and fitness apps can send your health information, so you can monitor all of your health metrics from your weight to blood pressure to calories burned, from a single hub, instead to access each app separately, such as those from Nike and Fitbit.

Calories options: The Calories section of the Health app has been split into three options: Active, Dietary, and Resting calories.

Medical ID: The are an option you can through it prevent anyone to access your Medical ID when your iPhone is locked, by tapping Emergency. The option available from Health app under the Medical ID section.

Spirometry data and others options: Apple's Health app now collects Spirometry data, according to the iOS 8 beta 5 release notes. Spirometry tests measure lung function, tracking the volume and flow of air when inhaling and exhaling. The app has received several changes in this update; a new option to export Health data, a "Show When Logged" option to display Medical ID on the lock screen, and new Health panel in Privacy settings.


Spotlight Search: There are new options to remove Voice Memos and Bing Web Results from Spotlight Search. that by Settings app.


QuickType: QuickType, shows word suggestions as you type, based on your past conversations and writing style, as well on the person you’re communicating with. You can hid QuickType by swiping down, as you can toggle it on or off from within the keyboard switcher (Predictive), you can also do that from Setting app.

New Keyboards: iOS 8 brought other new keyboards for Tagalog, Irish Gaelic, Slovenian and Indian.

Emoji Keyboard Icon: you can get Emoji keyboard by alternate keyboard, so you can see a Smiley icon for change keyboard, if not so, the change keyboard will be by tapping on Glob key, then you get also the ability to switch between other keyboard's language.

Special iPhone 6' keyboard option: iPhone 6' users have new options like copy, paste in the keyboard, due to the larger display.

Speech to Text dictation: Streaming voice recognition for Speech to Text dictation

Mail app in iOS 8

Mail notifications per thread: When you open an email message in the Mail app, swiping left action from you, led to receive several options, like delete, archive, flag this message or access a "More" tab which includes an option to receive a push notification whenever a reply is sent to that particular email thread.

Swipe Optinns: You can now customise the swiping actions in the Mail app from the left to the right or vice. You can get these options from the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars section of the Settings app. Mail app in IOS 8 empowers you to do many things just by swiping, like if you want to delete an email message only swipe all the way to the left.


Grayscale mode: You can now in iOS 8 to shift at once the entire operating system appearance into shades of black and white, that through Grayscale mode, under Accessibility.

There are others new Accessibility options:
  • Improved zoom 
  • Braille keyboard 
  • Alex voice 
  • Multi-device support for MFi hearing aids 
  • Guided Access improved with option for time limits, countdown timer and Touch ID support. 


Enable / disable Handoff: There's a new toggle in the General section allowing users to enable or disable Handoff, the feature allows users to continue their work and transfer tasks like, browsing editing, messaging, phone calls from any device using iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite to other, this process is done via iCould.

Handoff & Suggested Apps: The other options allowing users to toggle on Suggested Apps, which offer app suggestions relevant to location, so you can show only installed apps, or both installed apps and App Store apps.

SMS Relay: The iPhone will now prompt a popup asks users if can use their phone numbers for SMS Relay on other Apple's devices. This fall under the new Continuity features between OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

FaceTime in iOS 8

FaceTime on iPhone has a new look, which does away with the Contacts, Favorites, and Recents bar on the bottom. Facetime has also a different look on iPad, the preview window now located on the right instead of the left side of the screen, along with a new look for contacts. There are other new option: Call waiting, FaceTime Audio conference calls, and H.265 (HEVC) support added to select iPhones.

Calendar app in iOS 8

Calendar has received some changes in iOS 8, so there are other alternate Calendars, including Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic. There's also other options to display week numbers, custom calendar repeat events, and alert “When I need to leave” for calendar events. Now you can decline events with a comment.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone in iOS 8

Send last location: Find My iPhone (iPad,iPod) service has also received a new functionality, allowing users from iOS devices to enable a "Send Last Location" option, that will send to Apple iPhone's last known location when the battery drains to a critical levels.

Tips app

Tips app among the new apps that have been come with iOS 8, it is a default iOS app and cannot be uninstalled, Tips app giving users tips on how to use iOS 8 on a weekly basis. For example, there are directions on using quick notification responses, activating Siri hands-free, and more.

AirPlay in iOS 8

Peer-to-peer AirPlay: AirPay became more easy in iOS 8, that through new iOS 8 peer-to-peer AirPlay feature. You can now stream your iPhone (iPad, iPod) content to Apple TV without the need for a shared network connection, as was required in iOS 7.


Weather app in iOS 8

Different weather data source: Apple is now received weather data from The Weather Channel instead of Yahoo.

Longer forecast: The Weather app in iOS 8 shows a nine day weather forecast, up from the previous five day forecast.

Displaying more info: The Weather app in iOS 8 includes a summary section at the bottom, which contains times of sunrise and sunset, humidity, wind speed, visibility, UV index, pressure, and more. In iOS 7 weren't all these info available, only humidity, wind, rain chance, and "feels like". The app in iOS 8 became more organized.

New interface on the left, previous interface on the right.

Location data in iOS 8

Preventing background location informations: Now in iOS 8 you will get a pop-up notify you of apps that access Location information while running in the background. Thus you can allow or prevent them through that pop-up, as well giving users more information on apps that could potentially be using a lot of battery life.

Apps notification at relevant location: App Store in iOS 8 shows notification on the Look screen based on your location. For example when you are at the Apple Store or at Starbucks, the Apple Store, or Starbucks app will show on you screen, tapping the icon on already installed app will open it, while the app that is not yet installed led to open the App Store.

Choose how can apps use location data: Location Services gained new setting allows users to identify how can apps access location information "Never," "While Using the App," or "Always." in iOS 7 location services in each app could only be toggled on or off.

System services: iOS 8 contains, new toggles for Find my iPad, Location-Based Alerts, Share My Location, and Spotlight Suggestions. For example Share My Location allows location information to be inserted into Messages, and Spotlight now includes location-based information like Movie times. These new location settings give users more control over privacy and location sharing.


Passbook supports Apple Pay: Passbook in iOS 8 has an updated icon, now is support Apple Pay by taking a photo of your Credit/Debit Card and incorporating it into Passbook. The “info” card in Passbook now only displays if no other cards are present. And all your Apple pay purchases will be available within Passbook.


In iOS 8 you can access Today and Notifications View on the lock screen from new toggles in Passcode setting, while previously these toggles were located within the Notifications settings. Controle Center access on the lock screen still as it is, so is controlled via Control Center section.

Notification Center

Notification Center in iOS 8

New Settings menu: Now in iOS 8 several Notification Center settings located in the Settings menu to become this section more simpler. Several options are no longer like, to disable Today Summary, Calendar Day View and more, instead these are now located in the "Today" section of the Notification Center itself, which empowers users to control what should display.

Allow Notifications: Now you can mute all notifications from a specific app, that through a new "Allow Notifications" setting, the option is available for each app. While in the past, there was only an option to disallow apps from displaying notifications in Notification Center.


iOS 8 brought new wallpapers to default wallpaper gallery.

Wallpaper Settings: Now you can get the Brightness toggle from Display & Brightness section of the Settings app instead to Wallpaper section of the Settings app.

Share sheet customizations

If you want to share an image, website, or other type of media, in iOS 8 there are the ability to customize these sharing options, so you can add others elements or rearrange the sharing list, this also applies on the media options like Copy, Print, and AirPlay.

EU Internet: Cellular section received a new option, which allows you to disable EU Internet. The "EU Internet service only applies to Internet and personal hotspot data traffic."

App Analytics 

There's a new option into the app allowing users to share crash data and statistics about how apps are used with app developers.

Control Center

Control center in iOS 8

New "Buy" button on Control Center

When you play a song on iTunes Radio a "Buy" button will appear on control center.

The Control Center icons redesigned, now appear without the black borders around them, and icons turn white when activated.

Home Data

There’s a new Home Data section within the Privacy from the Setting menu, that'll list apps that access your Home Data.

Assistive Touch 

In iOS 8 Assistive Touch menu has new options for Control Center and Notification Center.


In the Mail, Contacts and Calendar menu in the Settings app, there's a new option to toggle off Favorites and Recents for Contacts that appear in the App Switcher.

Battery Usage

Discover which app is using the most battery life: iOS 8 now lets you to view battery usage by app, that through new Settings option, which empowers you to know which app draw a lot of power, so you can shut it down. To find out, head to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage.

Capture your iPhone or iPad screen by a Mac

In the past to capture an iOS device screen-content you need a third party app but now with iOS 8 it became possible to do that on a mac without any app. If you plugged an iOS 8 device into a Mac via USB will show up as a camera, which can have its screen be recorded in QuickTime.

This post contains the most iOS 8 hidden features, if you want more iOS 8 hidden features and changes go ahead to a table at the bottom of this wikipedia page. You can also take a look of free Apple official iPhone and iPad user Guide for iOS 8.

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After the realease of iOS 8 some users are complained from some issues but not on the scale that it was in iOS 7. fot this purpose Apple released iOS 8.0.1 and iOS 8.0.1 which fixed a bug introduced in both previous updates. later Apple released 8.1 to registered developers for testing purposes.

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