A List of User Interface Changes in iOS 8 Beta 3

Apple this week released third beta of iOS 8, it isn't differ from its predecessor beta 2, so is contain a number of improvements, changes, and bug fixes.

In addition to improve the performance of operating system, iOS 8 beta 3 also includes a set of minor interface tweaks and modifications, that makes iOS 8 more polished. we'll show a list of these changes that have been traded so far.

Find My iPhone: Beta 3 includes a new beta version of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, and according to release notes Find My Friends will allow users to move their friends list to the iCloud account if necessary.

iCloud Drive: There's a new popup screen appears in beta 3 giving users the option to upgrade to iCloud Drive, and shows the privileges that will obtain. iCloud Drive lets users store any type of file, the feature introduced at WWDC.

iCloud Drive Settings: Now there's a special section for iCloud Drive settings forked from iCloud menu, which is accessed from Settings app.

Handoff: there's a new toggle in the General section allowing users to enable or disable Handoff, the feature allows users to continue their work and transfer tasks "like calls" from any device using iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite to other, this process is done via iCould.

QuickType Keyboard: Keyboards menu has received a new option allowing users to toggle QuickType on and off. You can access Keyboards menu from General section under Settings app.

Weather: There are some modifications at the displaying way of informations that the app introduced.

New interface on the left, previous interface on the right.

Wallpapers: iOS 8 beta 3 brought new wallpapers to default wallpaper gallery.

App Analytics: there's a new option into the app allowing users to share crash data and statistics about how apps are used with app developers.

Photos app: Shared Photo Streams are renamed to become Shared Albums. Events and albums from Aperture are now available again in the Photos app as well. Additionally, items in Recently Deleted album is received a new indicator shows the time remaining to delete a photo permanently.

Messages: These is a new option in Messages section when enable it automatically keep video and audio messages, that are normally deleted after a short period.

Custom Keyboards: Now if you tap and hold on the Globe key, you'll get an option allowing you to enable or disable QuickType, also the ability to switch between other keyboard's language. For developers are now able to move the cursor location with a custom keyboard in iOS 8 beta 3.

WiFi Calling: Now T-Mobile users can access WiFi calling, as the first carrier support this feature. WiFi calling lets users make phone calls over WiFi instead of using a Cellular connection, in iOS 8 beta 3 there's an option allowing you to enable the feature, that through Phone section, we get it from Settings app. The feature also requires users to enter an emergency address.

The public release of iOS 8 will be this fall likely with announcement of new iPhone versions. Is expected to see other beta updates, that are directed to developers.

Source: MacRumors and others

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