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Among the apps that knew a set of improvements in iOS 8 is the Photos app, both in terms of editing or organizing. The app in iOS 7 knew a quantum leap, so is received a new organizational system divided into Years, Collections, and Moments, that facilitated photos' browsing and allowing you to sharing a set of photos at once within a certain collection, rather than on an individual basis.

In the current Photos app you can through Photo Stream feature when you enable it from iCloud settings to store up to 1000 photos on your iCloud account, while in iOS 8 with renamed feature to become "iCloud Photo Library" you can storing unlimited photos, initially you get 5GB of iCloud storage free. Those photos keep on the same pattern, so are organized into Moments, Collections, and years, you can add, edit, reorganize, and create albums, from any other device. that tied to the same iCloud account.

Finding a specific image become very easy, that thanks to a new tool search which lets you to look for your photo by the date, time, location, or album name. also enabling you to customise your search through a set of suggestions. The search button located at the top of the screen within the app.

Apple has also sought to improve some image processing tools, so you don't need to lot of skills to get a satisfactory result. In addition to the current filters and editing tools, now with "Smart composition", Photos app can automatically straighten horizons, even after you take your photo. And with "Smart adjustments" you can modify the overall light and color with a single control, Photos app in the background intelligently adjusts brightness, exposure, contrast, vibrancy and more. You will get these "Smart adjustments" when you select an individual image. Apple has also allowed app developers in iOS 8 to add their own filters and editing tools to Photos app.

App Photos in iOS 8 also brought a new layout to the Albums, you can now find instead of "Camera Roll" and "My Photo Stream" in iOS 7, a set of new albums like "Recently Added", "Recently Deleted," "Favorites," "Time-Lapse," "Bursts" and more. This will make browsing of those albums' contents very easy.

Favorite photos

iOS 8 makes it very easy to select your favorite photos, so you can easily access them later, that just by taping on a heart symbol at the bottom of an individual photo. Special access of these photos will be through Albums by Favorite album.

Recently Deleted

Photos app in iOS 8 with "Recently Deleted." album gieves you the ability to recover the recent deleted photos in case you’ve deleted them accidentally. You will note items in Recently Deleted album contains an indicator shows the time remaining for the photos to be permanently deleted. By default 30 days after being marked for deletion.

The showing photos and videos in the Recently Deleted album, means these deleted photos and video will remain take up a space on your device for 30 days. Thus to free up your iPhone or iPad space you must delete these photos, but without the ability to recover them again. When you select a photo in Recently Deleted album you will get two options at bottom to Delete or Recover it. 

Recently Added

As for "Recently Added" album is contains the photos or videos that you have added in the recent 30 days, you hove to know Recently Added is not a substitute for Camera Roll album in older iOS versions, so is not contains all photos that you have in Photos app, this available from collections view.


Time-lapse album will contains photos that captured by new "Time-lapse" Camera mode. The new mode captures a series of images and then compiles them into a time-lapse video. The video below shown a number of nice clips that have been captured by Time-Lapse mode here are the Apple's description of the mode.
A new mode comes to Camera: Time-lapse videos.
Capture the experience of the sun setting, a city street bustling, or a flower blooming with the new Time-lapse mode in Camera. iOS 8 does all the work, snapping photos at dynamically selected intervals. The result is a video showing an accelerated sequence of the photos over time. Just set up your device to shoot what you want. Swipe to select Time-lapse mode, tap the Record button, and let Camera record as long as you choose.

Hidden Photos

Now There are also the ability to hide your photos from the Moments, Collections, and Years view, but stil being visible in the albums view. To hide a photo hold a finger on it, to appear a pop-up, select "Hide" and confirm.

Location info

Now the Photos app displays the location where a photo was taken above a selected photo, addition to the date and time.

Last Updated

Photos received a new notification "Last Updated" lets users to know when images were last synced to iCloud. There's also an iCloud Photo Settings option, you can get it through "iCloud" setting in "Photos" section, the option empowers you to store full resolution photos just in iCloud, while keeping device-optimized versions available on the device to save storage space.

In addition to Photos app there are also others app that knew significant updates like Messages, Mail, Siri you can take a look at these changes and other hidden features and changes in iOS 8 from here.

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  1. Thanks for this post !! iOS 8 has incredible features especially for photo editing. It also support photo editing app with best resolution and of High quality.


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